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20/20 Fatty

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20/20 FattyTo celebrate the 10th anniversary of the M5 20/20, a special edition is available.
The last couple of years indeed several versions existed, but with the M5 20/20 "Fatty" we want to emphasise that apart from the low weight, the speed and the favourable price this model is also excellent for use in urban circumstances.

The fatter, tram rails proof and relatively low friction tyres enable you to cross rails and drive down sidewalks in a comfortable way.

With the M5 20/20 "Fatty" equipped with 20 inch (ETRTO 406) wheels and Schwalbe "Big Apple" tyres the 20/20 model has obtained a fresh, new look.
20/20 Fatty20/20 Fatty20/20 Fatty20/20 Fatty20/20 Fatty
Seat height46 cm
Body lengthfrom 1,50 m
Frame and front forkcr-mo
Bracket heightdifference between bracket and seat height 17 - 21 cm
Finishdouble metallic powder coating with transparant top layer, in several colours.
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