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Arthur van der Lee and Bram Moens touring sunny Zeeland.

World record attempt in Apeldoorn October 2011 by Bram Moens. Fast as usual, but unfortunately had to stop after 35 minutes due to muscle spasm.

October 2005: Charlie Ollinger does 91.15 km/h during sprint with M5 fairing nr. 8. More info below the video on Youtube.

M5 Ligfietsen and Thijs Rowingbikes in Nederland Fietsland (Tros, 1995). Footage of the recumbent and rowingbike models of these days.

One hour record by Bram Moens 1994. Below the video it says 88 km, but this should be 78. The video of the hour record itself starts at 6:11.

Bram Moens (57 years) during one hour race at Cycle Vision 28 June 2014. 6th at unfaired. 47.3 km on a standard M5 Carbon High Racer. <br><br>

72 year old on an M5 Carbon High Racer overtakes a group of road bikes. A 37 year old decides to draft behind him...

Another nice one in South Australia this video.

On the Youtube channel of Arthur van der Lee nice footage of his travels by M5 recumbent to Scandinavia, Uzbekistan and other destinations. No rights or claims can be in any way derived from the information displayed on this page.© Copyright 2003 - 2023 M5 Recumbents / Vipers
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